Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Apropos of nothing

I've got no new photos to share, so here's an old one. I've reworked it so that it's not exactly the same version that was posted back in 2018. I took the photo during an evening river cruise on the Seine in Paris.

That's a curious name for a boat.

It's been a cold few days here and the forecast is for even colder (below freezing) lows toward the end of the week. Morning walks are refreshingly brisk, as long as the wind stays calm. I don't see any precipitation in the forecast, neither rain nor snow.


  1. We've got a huge storm heading our way. Her name is Filomena. Stay warm.

  2. It’s been freezing here as well. The kind of cold that demands a fire and blanket at all times.


  3. The Love Boat! The cold may help your garden next summer.

  4. Great evening scene on the Seine. Bundle up!

  5. Forecast here [and therefore likely to be similar to yours] is that milder weather arriving from next Mon with, after a few more days, daytime temps likely to be approaching double digits. Only hope it holds, Can't come soon enough. Brrrrrr!

  6. mitch, I'll take a look at the weather news and keep an eye out.

    sean, I remember that kind of cold. We're more chilly and damp. The kind of chilly that requires a fire and blanket at all times. LOL!

    travel, ha! And you're right, we need the cold.

    bettyann, you bet!

    raybeard, and winter's just begun!


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