Saturday, January 02, 2021

The sea food diet

I see food, I eat it. Badum-bum. Here are several photos of our New Year's Eve lunch. We tried to have mussels, but were disappointed not to find any in the markets. For some reason, the season ended earlier than usual. Our disappointment, however, was short lived.

Shrimp, heads and shells intact, pre-cooked, ready to peel and eat.

I found these nice shrimp at the supermarket and the price was right, so I got 500 grams (just over a pound) for our appetizer. We ate them with a sriracha mayonnaise dip. Hot and spicy!

A nice salmon filet.

For the main course, a slab of Norwegian salmon, just under 500 grams (about a pound). No silver skin on the bottom of the filet, and only a few bones easily pulled out before cooking. Ken cooked the fish à l'unilatéral as they say (cooking only on one side).

Salmon with piccata sauce.

Ken dressed the salmon with a kind of piccata sauce. Butter, white wine, capers, lemon juice, and some dill. He added some chopped fresh parsley just before serving.

The main course is served.

Along with the fish we had some steamed green beans and a couple of boiled potatoes left over from another meal. The wine came from Provence, down south. So, in the end, our New Year's Eve meal was a delicious success!


  1. You dine so elegantly. A beautiful meal. And I love the glass fish platter.

  2. This all looks and sounds delicious. I love seafood and discovered a local fish market from which we are able to get fresh fish, so we now have it regularly. Mmmmmmmm.


  3. I noticed that cool fish platter as well, but only because I was thoroughly taking in the scene of that wonderful meal!

  4. We got Mexican take-out for NYE... something we rarely get in Maine. The salmon et. al. does look delish!

  5. where does your salmon come from?
    We get ours from Alaska, eschewing any farm-raised types.

  6. mitch, it's the first time in a while that I've used it. I should use it more often.

    breenlantern, I enjoy fish, too. These days it's getting more costly, I guess because of over-fishing.

    bettyann, and tasty, too!

    judy, :)

    mark, we have to make our own mexican and tex-mex at home. Luckily, we can find tortillas at the store!

    michael, this was farmed salmon from Norway. I'd be surprised if we could find wild salmon where we live, but I'd bet one could find it in Paris.


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