Sunday, January 17, 2021

The sky's on fire

Well, no, it isn't. It just looked that way on Saturday morning as the sun rose. I had to move fast, and the few photos I took don't communicate any of the drama I felt as the light intensified. I should have taken a video. After a few minutes, the vibrant colors dulled and faded into a more familiar gray.

Looking southeast toward the sunrise on Saturday.

Later in the morning, we got some snow. Very fine flakes fell for about a minute, then it was over. We had some rain overnight.


  1. This reminds me dawns in Salton City.

  2. Breathtaking. You really do have to be quick to capture the colors. Sometimes by the time I grab my camera they're gone.

  3. Beautiful. I don’t do sunrises unless I’m going to the airport and that is a distant memory.

  4. I'm glad you grabbed your camera for us! What a beautiful sight!

  5. Yes, yes, thanks for grabbing your camera! Nature :)
    I like your new time widget!

  6. One of my favorite short stories has the line: "Suddenly his face was lit with joy like the radiance of a brilliant sunrise. ?


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