Thursday, January 21, 2021

La cour Saint-Benoît

This isn't the cloister, but another courtyard inside the abbey complex at Fontevraud. I don't have much to say about it, but I liked the way that the potted shrubs were arranged.

La cour St.-Benoît at Fontevraud abbey, September 2003.

I went to the dump as planned on Wednesday morning. The line to get in was long, but it moved quickly enough. I had to ask the attendant to help me lift the old lawnmower up and into the dumpster. He was really nice, I could not have done it myself. Still, in the process, I managed to pull a back muscle. Ugh. Ibuprofen helped.


  1. You reach a certain age and have to think about everything you do to prevent injury to yourself, as I am learning.

  2. Hope the back recovers quickly. Beautiful arrangement of shrubs, and so very French.

  3. Good newsiness indeed about the inauguration yesterday, bad newsiness about your back, hope you recover quickly. I’m guessing that the shrubs in this lovely picture are brought indoors during the winter.

  4. I watched the inauguration, as well! I thought the flags were a good replacement for the audience down below. Amanda Gorman looked and sounded stunning. Lady Gaga didn't disappoint (lovely voice!) and JLO was entertaining, Garth left something to be desired (IMO) because he was sans mask and still went around and hugged the former Presidents. I was just relieved there were no fireworks (not the real ones that came much later!). At least you could relax and rest your back with something to watch on the tele! Sorry, bad backs are not fun.

  5. I like those planters, and in the mix of round and square. Very nice.
    Still soaking up the good vibes from the inauguration, so much talent on so many levels. And the jangled nerves are calming down.

  6. andrew, so true. Sometimes I forget.

    mitch, thanks, it's much better now.

    bettyann, you're probably right.

    michael, thanks!

    mary, I've always had back problems, but fortunately nothing serious. So far.

    emm, I like waking up without having to wonder what horrible thing *he's* said now.


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