Sunday, January 03, 2021

Color my world

The holiday decorations are down and put away. I like to do that on New Year's Day. I know some people like to keep their decorations up through the twelfth night, and I've known others that keep their decorations up into February. Yikes.

Santa's gone now, but the candles remain.

So now, the only colorful lights in the house are votive candles. This candle holder came with clear glass votive holders. I replaced them with these colorful cups since we've been in France. They help to make the dark days of winter a little more bright.


  1. I remember your candle holder. I DO love it with the rainbow cups.

  2. Shane would take the tree and everything else down Christmas evening if I let him. I agree New Year's is a good day. My mom told me they would keep their tree up in the unheated parlor until Easter. The votives are beautiful. I like to start forcing forsythia about now.

  3. Love the candle holders. We should be done de-decorating today. It’s taken 3 days. That’s too long. Time to edit down to a more manageable amount of decorating.


  4. Love your candle holder. It’s undecorating day here today, must get at it.

  5. Love the candle holder and its colorful lights.

  6. Decorations still up, chez nous.
    I enjoy those colorful cups on the candle holder.

  7. Lots of people leave decorations up until Epiphany. A friend in south Florida left her (artificial) tree up all this past year, but it was a year for major exceptions, and bright lights are cheery.

  8. mitch, they're nicer to look at than the original cups.

    mark, I should try forcing forsythia. I have a couple of bushes out back.

    sean, that's a lot of stuff to put away! I've seen the pictures.

    bettyann, there's work to be done!

    melinda, it looks like it. I'm not sure I noticed that before.

    evelyn, :)

    judy, do you have a specific day when you take them down or does it just happen when the spirit moves you?

    emm, epiphany is a reasonable time, I think.

  9. My Mother liked the cheeriness in the mornings with the colorful lights from the Christmas Tree and so she preferred to wait until Epiphany to take it down and pack away the excess!

  10. I love color and these a delightful.


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