Thursday, January 28, 2021

Smoke doesn't get in your eyes

These roofs are above the kitchen at the Fontevraud abbey. The "lanterns" that rise above the roof tiles are the chimneys above what used to be the kitchen's fires and ovens. From what I read, there's some uncertainty about the specifics of the kitchen's layout when it was in use.

Chimneys above the kitchen at Fontevraud abbey, September 2003.

My errands on Wednesday went without a hitch. The woman at the insurance office was friendly and helpful as usual. The credit card worked (even though it didn't on line) and the bill is paid. I got what I needed at the hardware and housewares stores (including plastic bins for the pantry), and the dump, although crowded, was relatively easy.

Today I'm making leek and bacon pizzas for lunch.


  1. What time is lunch? Oh, never mind, I don't think I could justify leaving the municipality... even for your pizza. And now smoke HAS gotten in my eyes.

  2. This roof reminds me of a pineapple. You had a productive day yesterday BUT, did you get your hair cut? Inquiring minds want to know. ;). We are making potato leek soup today.

  3. Today's roof makes me think of the cathedrals of the Kremlin.
    And you have reminded me that I need to organize the pantry.

  4. andrew, haha!

    mitch, 12h30. Since you couldn't make it, we ate it all.

    bettyann, no, no haircut yet. :(

    emm, watch out for mice!

  5. I didn't know this. I thought they were rooms for nobility to look out on their lands.


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