Sunday, January 10, 2021

Bird watching

Now that the weather's turned cold, I put the feeders out so that the little birds in our neighborhood will stop by for a meal. One of the feeders hangs from the deck railing just outside the sliding glass door in the living room. We get a good look at the blue tits, robins (the small European variety), and finches that visit throughout the day. Tasha and Bert like to watch.

The dog is entertained, the cat is thinking about lunch.

We have three feeders. One seed dispenser hangs from one of the maple trees out front. The feeder on the deck is a wire cage that holds suet balls. I hang another seed dispenser above the real fake well out back. I still have to get that one filled and out there. Maybe today.


  1. Marvellous photo! Even more so thinking that you could never have taken it when Callie was the lady of the house.

  2. Oh, the photo warms my heart (despite Bert's intentions).

  3. For them it must be like watching telly.

  4. Great entertainment for all!

  5. Amazing you had Bertie before Tasha and yet they can sit together and enjoy watching the birds!

  6. my cats would be violent to see a bird outside a window; it was scary to witness.

  7. jean, that's for sure!

    mitch, LOL!

    raybeard, I was thinking the same thing!

    evelyn, they're called "rouge-gorge" in French.

    chris, I'm watching the watchers...

    bettyann, it's a good situation.

    mary, when Bert came to the house, Callie would not have him. Now he has the life of Riley!

    michael, Bert does catch a bird from time to time, but his main prey is mice.


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