Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Here is an exterior view of the chevet (apse) of the abbey church at Fontevraud. You may be able to identify the three windows at the top of yesterday's photo. Rounded arches are typical of the romanesque architectural style, but in the transept I can see slight points on the arched windows, an indicator of the emerging gothic style.

Columns, buttresses, and arches. Fontevraud abbey church, September 2003.

We're below freezing by a couple of degrees again this morning. I don't mind because the puddles will be frozen over and the dirt road will be dry. No muddy paws this morning.


  1. Yikes, Mr Mouse! So have you caught him, yet? I remember reading that it's difficult to tempt them with a food-baited trap, if they are surrounded by other food sources.

  2. Beautiful photo. I was going to say WE’RE below SEVENTY by a couple of degrees, but that would be a lie. Currently 70°F.

  3. Good thing you got that mouse, he might have eaten you out of house and home!

  4. I bet the mouse enjoyed the potatoes the most;-) One winter I stored some Hershey bars in our garage for a short time- the mice found them right away.

  5. That was some hungry mouse. Maybe foraging to feed a family?
    For spices, I recycle the small glass bottles from vitamins. A lot of them are brown glass, and they keep the light from the spices.

  6. judy, yes, he perished in one of the snap traps. He went for it after I removed the coriander and paprika.

    mitch, thanks. And don't forget your sunscreen.

    bettyann, I was starting to worry...

    evelyn, chocolate! I didn't know mice had a sweet tooth!

    emm, I hope there's not a family... Our pantry is dark, so no problem there. I store excess spices down there. The daily spices are up in the kitchen, all in glass jars. We've never seen a mouse upstairs, except for the few live ones that Bert has brought in. But he dispatches them quickly.


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