Saturday, January 16, 2021

Late bloomer

The "Christmas" cactus around the house are starting to bloom. This is not new. I once (ok, more than once) referred to them as "Presidents' Day" cactus because they like to bloom in February. This photo is from last March. Today's cacti have nice pink buds, but very few open flowers right now. They'll get better as we get closer to Presidents' day, which this year is February 15, about a month from now.

Bloomin' cactus.

There's snow going on somewhere, but not here. At least not yet. We're on the line between snow and rain. My money's on rain.


  1. I had a Christmas cactus or maybe it was a Thanksgiving cactus that bloomed profusely every year. Never at Christmas or Thanksgiving. I wonder if I had a Presidents Day cactus that was mislabeled.

  2. I love flowering cacti whenever they bloom.

  3. mitch, I'm certain of it.

    bettyann, me too.

    judy, :)

  4. I would love some rain; send some hither


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