Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Whimsical roof lines

I'm sure they were not intended to be whimsical, but that's my impression of this combination of different roof styles. Most of them cover the abbey's chapter house, topped by the steeple. The other roofs are part of the cloister (background) and the Saint-Benoît chapel (foreground).

Chapter house roofs, Fontevraud abbey, September 2003. Can you see the pigeon?

It seems that France may be entering another confinement (lockdown) very soon. The president was expected to make a decision today, but nothing is certain at this point. I'm planning to run some errands today in advance of things potentially getting difficult. The car is loaded for another run to the déchetterie (dump). Nothing heavy this time, just some bulky things and a bunch of cardboard. I have to go to our insurance office and pay the car insurance bill. The online payment site isn't taking my American credit card. I've had this problem before. And I have a few things I want from the hardware store. The other thing I need is a haircut, so I'll have to try to get an appointment in case the salon has to shut down. Again.


  1. Le pigeon n'a pas le vertige!

  2. Such eclectic rooflines ... and one lone pigeon. Great shot. I know many people here who are lately talking about how relieved they would be to go back to lockdown. Such awful times. May this be only a memory (an awful one, no doubt) a year from now.

  3. Great lines and angles with the pigeon being a soft foil.

  4. I saw the pigeon...and I just assumed it was a sculpture! Really. So, then after reading others comments, I thought, "What pigeon?". It was a surprise to me that you snapped that photo at that angle so I thought it couldn't possibly be alive. I should have known better.

  5. I'm liking these architectural pictures in black and white. I think the absence of color lets you focus more on the lines, and those rooflines are quite remarkable.

  6. chm, et les deux vaches donnent de lait de vache. (is this a password? LOL)

    mitch, I hope so!

    bettyann, he was paid well.

    mary, ha!

    emm, good. I've got more...


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