Thursday, January 07, 2021

Galette des rois

Wednesday was the Epiphany on the Catholic calendar (by the way, neither of us is Catholic). As usual, I made the traditional "kings cake," called une galette des rois, for our dessert. It's made with pâte feuilletée (flaky pastry), around a filling of frangipane (almond paste).

The finished galette.

The pastry is relatively easy to make. It takes a few hours only because it has to be rolled and folded and allowed to rest multiple times. When the dough is ready, I use a dessert plate to cut two circles, spread the filling on one, add the fève (prize or "bean"), then seal the two disks with an egg wash and bake it.

The assembled galette just before baking.

I let this year's galette get a little too done. The egg wash on top started to burn, but I caught it in time. We cut the cake and enjoyed it (we ate half), but neither of us got the fève in our piece. In fact, we could see it in the part we haven't eaten yet. We'll eat the rest today.


  1. A little charred maybe, but still a work of art. And I'm sure it's delicious. Since you can see the fève, will you close your eyes and select a plate?

  2. I linked to three of your previous Galette posts, in an activity my kids did yesterday!

  3. You did a very professional job of the galette. I enjoy cooking lots of things but I'm a messy baker - this would be beyond me. Good job!

  4. Your galette looks great. Keep me a chunk, please!

  5. Those pâtisseries near you will never get much of your business when you can create your own galletes with such talent!
    Sometimes the items in my oven get very dark so quickly, I've missed it, myself! I love frangipane!

  6. mitch, the charring looks worse than it tasted. We didn't even try to guess, just took the fève out.

    judy, cool!

    sillygirl, you can buy the pastry already made in the supermarket, but I have the time and enjoy doing it myself.

    chm, ok!

    bettyann, thanks!

    mary, well, I can only make one at a time, so I don't think the patisseries have to worry.


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