Saturday, January 09, 2021

Socked in

This is the view we had all day on Friday. The fog did not burn off and we were stuck under the inversion layer. We're expecting more of the same today.

A dark and gray winter's day.

The air is still and sounds are muffled. At one point during my morning walk with Tasha, the silence was broken by the faint sound of flapping wings as a flock of small birds flew just overhead. It's a sound I've heard before, unfamiliar, kind of eerie, especially when it comes from behind and gets closer. Once I saw the flock, my apprehension passed and the birds vanished into the fog. Tasha didn't even notice them.


  1. I enjoy (briefly) the change in sound that fog produces. Wishing you some sunshine soon. (We've got tons of it today.)

  2. Hopefully the hunters won't be out there shooting at perceived prey in the fog.

  3. You have captured the eerie nature of the fog very well.

  4. I’ve had a fascination with fog ever since I saw the eponymous horror movie.

    It’s been freezing here nonstop day in and day out. At this point, I’d welcome almost any change in the weather.


  5. mitch, the sun actually came out for a while yesterday. It was nice, but still cold.

    sheila, we shall see. Or not. ;)

    bettyann, :)

    sean, january and february are the hardest months.

  6. such grayness! on the positive this is good soup making weather.


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