Monday, February 08, 2021

Another fog foto

Not more fog, just another picture from Saturday. We actually saw some sun on Sunday (imagine!) and it was nice. And the hunting season is over (for individual hunters, group hunts can still happen) so we don't have to worry about getting shot during Sunday walks. This weekend is the start of school winter vacations and I noticed more than the usual folks walking/jogging/cycling through the vineyard yesterday. Tasha notices them, too, and barks wildly whenever someone passes the house.

Fog outside the back yard on Saturday.

Some people around here have things called quads. I can only describe them as four-wheeled motorcycles. They love to drive them up our road and out into the vineyards. Vroooom-vroooom. Almost as annoying as leaf blowers and weed whackers, but not quite. The noise doesn't last as long.


  1. Rain and wind all night here ... and still. I so hate those motos, scooters, and all the noisy things.

  2. I feel your pain. Some neighbors here run the leaf blowere regularly all year (blowing leaves in the woods!)

  3. ATVs those quads are called here. at least you have green; we have 17" of snow on the ground here. currently 14F.

  4. I hate anything noisy like that. We call those things four wheelers or ATVs here.

  5. it looks to have the hints of spring coming.

  6. There’s a quiet softness about this picture that I like very much.
    I’m in the anti noise camp as well, starting with restaurants. Ugh.

  7. mitch, oooh, weather!

    melinda, there's something about power tools, whether you need them or not. I'm not immune.

    anne marie, brrrrr! Our winters are pretty green, snow is unusual.

    evelyn, snowmobiles and jet skis are also annoying. And those airplanes that fly along beaches trailing advertising signs.

    michael, yes, a hint. It's getting colder right now.

    bettyann, I find a quiet restaurant almost as annoying as a very noisy one. Somewhere in between is best!

  8. Being a city type, I mostly know quad bikes from TV (though I think one local petrol-head went roaring around the streets here on one - once: I assume the police "had a word"). I can see they're a boon to livestock farmers with fair distances to cover, especially on uplands, but I understand that leisure users can be a real nuisance in shared open countryside, tearing up paths and the like as well as the noise.


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