Saturday, February 27, 2021

Une lucarne

There is always a splash of color among the greys and browns of a French city. A bright red pot and some greenery on the sill of this lucarne (dormer window) give this scene a simple but effective punch.

A dormer window in a slate roof. Loches, June 2011.

We're back down to single digits (but above freezing) now that the clouds are gone. And the full moon lights the night.


  1. Very nice :)
    Most of my students don't know what dormers are, so, when I teach them lucarne, I have to teach them dormer, at the same time -- ha!

  2. Very happy to know the French word for dormer. Another beautiful photo.

  3. And yet "dormir" is "to sleep". I wonder what connection, if any, between that and the English dormer?
    Nice picture, and remarkably steep rooflines there in Loches.

  4. judy, I learned a lot of English when I started learning French.

    mitch, how did you make it this far? LOL

    emm, I believe they both have the same origin. I think we call them dorm or dormer windows because often the space under the roofs of buildings were dormitories, places where people slept, and the windows brought light and air into the space.

  5. I wonder who lives in homes like these, meaning do generations keep them in the family or are they sold a lot?


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