Monday, February 22, 2021

Laundry day

Sometimes you just have to take advantage of a dry, sunny spring day to get some chores done. Like hanging out the laundry. Or some of it.

Hanging out clothes also adds a little color to the city. Loches, May 2006.

We hang laundry outside during the nice weather in spring, summer, and fall. Otherwise, we hang it indoors or use the dryer. In winter, Ken likes to stretch certain items out on the radiators to dry, taking advantage of the heat to dry them and put some humidity into the air. I don't remember us hanging clothes out before we moved here. We always had and used dryers. I do remember my mother and grandmother using clotheslines when I was a kid. They had dryers, too, but they either liked how clothes dried outside or wanted to save the cost of running the dryer.


  1. My mother very briefly hung clothes out to dry when I was young, but quickly got a clothes dryer. We never had a clothes line until moving here. Dryers are rare. At first, I felt like I had gone back in time. Now I love it. And no shrinkage! The photo is charming.

  2. I grew up with a clothesline rigged between two trees. It had a pronged stick to raise it higher when it was loaded up. We got a dryer at some point, but we were always pinching pennies when we could.

  3. For some reason laundry hanging on a line always looks better in Europe.

  4. I so much want to hang the laundry to dry here - they would dry in a minute - but Someone won't have it.

  5. mitch, the dryer is convenient for small items like socks and things. And for sheets in winter.

    evelyn, I remember the pronged sticks for propping up the middle of the clothes line!

    bettyann, I think it's the colors contrasting with the gray or beige color of the buildings around them.

    michael, the desert seems to be a perfect place for a clothesline.

    1. I would definitely still appreciate it for sheets in winter and on rainy days.

    2. Yah, rainy days. I live in Oregon and we have a lot of them. But I do have a clothesline and do use it in the summer. When possible.


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