Saturday, February 06, 2021

Cyclamen time

This is the time of year that the cyclamen in our yard bloom. They're all pink and purple in color and brighten up the winter. We have several patches here and there in the yard, mostly on the shaded north side of the house. Interspersed with the cyclamen are primroses, but they're just starting to get flowers. They will bloom more in the coming weeks.

The north side of our house is not visible from the street, so I store firewood under the narrow section of the deck that wraps around. We keep the Peugeot under the carport and the Citroën lives in the garage.

The daffodils are up, too, but they're not ready to bloom yet. It's nice to see the flowers again. A sure sign that spring will come. But we know that it's likely to get cold again. We normally get some snow in February and sometimes in March. It never lasts long, but it's fun to see.


  1. The perennials are always such a beautiful sight.

  2. Oh, I love cyclamens, thank you! Looking forward to seeing your daffodils.

  3. The daffodils are in bloom in Alès, says Joëlle, so yours will be long soon.
    The cyclamen are wonderful.

  4. I love the cheer of cyclamen. Every year, I buy some in a pot from the local greenhouse, and every year the poor thing just keels over and dies on me, so now I enjoy them vicariously via your photos.

  5. mitch, signs of spring!

    bettyann, me too!

    chris, cool!

    emm, these are maintenance free. Otherwise, we wouldn't have them. lol.

  6. I always look forward to your daffodils; they are my favorite flowers.


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