Sunday, February 07, 2021

Socked in

Saturday was foggy. All day. Then it rained. It was a gloomy day, but still pretty. The muted light really showed up the grassy (and mossy) greens in the yard and the pinks and purples of the cyclamen. It doesn't show in these photos, but the sky had a very slight orange tint. We found out on the noon news that it wasn't our imaginations. The tint was caused by sand from the Sahara blowing northward over Europe. The orange color was much more pronounced down south than it was here. Still, we noticed it.

These are the same cyclamens from yesterday's photo, seen from up on the deck, looking westerly from the north side of the house.

This morning the fog is gone and the sky is starry. That, of course, means that it's cold outside. Not freezing, but close. The forecasters are predicting freezing temperatures for Monday and Tuesday. At least there's no rain in the forecast. Many places around France are dealing with flooding after the weeks of rain we've had.


  1. The orange tint in the photo shows on my desktop screen.

  2. Another mystical photo. I always find it fascinating that European skies are affected by Saharan sands.

  3. dear me that looks gloomy weather, yes. On the positive, a good day to stay indoors with hot drinks and books.

  4. Holy cow, sand from the Sahara. That's just not something we hear about being in our atmosphere, here -- ha!

  5. A friend in Lyon sent a picture of the cityscape there, and it was definitely orange. Had a very "Mad Max" quality to it. Do you find sand settling on things, like grit? That wouldn't be fun.

  6. andrew, it was a bit eerie, but cool at the same time.

    mitch, they are also known to float across the Atlantic in certain conditions.

    michael, or in our case, cooking lunch and sipping wine. ;)

    judy, I'd say it happens every year or so. Mostly we just get the hot air.

    emm, the only sand settling here comes off the dog after her walk. lol.

  7. sipping wine sounds much better than hot drinks


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