Friday, February 26, 2021

Simple elegance

There's something quite inviting about these small urban spaces in French cities and towns. They're often not visible to passersby, tucked behind walls, in courtyards. But from up in the Cité royale above Loches, visitors can catch a glimpse of a few of these private spaces.

Access to the street, a respite from town. Loches, September 2003.

A little outdoor space in a crowded town is nice to have, especially if it's separated from the street. An oasis of calm, a little bit of nature, a place to putter around with flower pots. City dwellers seem to have a knack for making simple, seemingly left-over spaces like this beautiful.


  1. This is beautiful. Spain has these little surprises, too, but they have a very different look.

  2. They certainly do have a knack, beautiful. And a cute little wind chime hanging from the drainpipe.

  3. mitch, I'm sure there are some beautiful places that we never get to see.

    bettyann, I noticed that, too!

  4. It almost looks like PV of Mexico. Lovely.


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