Sunday, February 21, 2021

Walls and roofs

Here's a more abstract view from up in the Cité royale in Loches. The stone walls of the upper city contrast with the clay roof tiles on the houses in the lower part of the city.

A mix of shades and textures, Loches, May 2006.

The weather was nice yesterday, as predicted, and I got the hydrangeas pruned. We're expecting similar weather for the next few days and there are other little jobs I'd like to do. For instance, the oregano patch needs to be trimmed of last year's growth to make room for this year's. Same for the Jerusalem artichokes and the daisies. I wonder if our landscape contractor will want to get started on the garden path renovation and tree removals this week. Time will tell. I should take some "before" photos.

The neighborhood is almost full this weekend. Our next door neighbor and a friend of hers are here. The people from Blois who own the house across the road are here for a week. And the house two doors down that was converted to an Airbnb rental is occupied.


  1. I love this photo, and the little touch of flowers on the window sill.

  2. if yall have friends come visit (well eventually) that airbnb might come in handy....i'd love to see pics myself

  3. Wow, with all those people in your hamlet I bet the traffic is terrible! I used to get nervous for you when you were on scaffolding while trimming that huge hedge. Good decision to hire it out.

  4. And yes, you know we all love before and after pictures!

  5. I would have rooted for the russian, too, but I didn't even both to watch the tennis this morning. I'm so done with Djokovic after his tirade with the quarantine. First time in many years that I haven't been eager to watch the finals.

    Yes, I definitely prefer sculpted gargoyles! Plain ones are bor-ing!

    Vaccine for me this week - I hope!

  6. The Loches photo is nice, as always, but I especially enjoyed the photo of the gas line access cover. You'd like the manhole covers in Japan, I think--really beautiful, with flowers and designs. We even saw some nice ones in downtown Los Angeles near the Central Market.

  7. I wonder what modern homes in France have for roofs - similar to these?

  8. mitch, ah, you noticed!

    chm, elegant.

    melinda, I think Ken found the website once. I'll ask him.

    bettyann, yes. Lots of traffic. ;)

    judy, thanks!

    mary, I watched. Medevedev didn't play well at all. He lost it.

    chris, cool!

    michael, I'm not sure. Clay tiles (there are many styles) are still used all over the place, as is slate. Paris uses sheet metal for many of its roofs, along with slate. Our roof is made with concrete tiles. Very heavy.


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