Monday, February 01, 2021

On the streets of Chinon

I think I've finished with the abbey at Fontevraud. This is a street in the nearby city of Chinon, a well-known wine town and home to the famed castle where Henri II and Eleanor or Aquitaine spent time. A few centuries later, Joan of Arc visited king Charles VII there.

A 2CV parked on a street in Chinon. That's Ken and Collette walking. September 2003.

It's been a while since we've been to Chinon, but we used to go frequently to buy wine (it's about an hour and half drive from us). The town below the castle is pretty with many nice restaurants and shopping opportunities. The castle itself, mostly in ruins (part of the royal residence was recently restored), is well worth a visit, and the vineyards on the banks of the Vienne River are beautiful. Of course, the pandemic has stopped most of that kind of tourism for now.


  1. Everything about the photo is beautiful and engaging. 17 years ago... Wow!

  2. I love the town of Chinon! Thanks for this photo, I hope you will show us more.

  3. mitch, how time flies!

    bettyann, I don't have very many, for some strange reason.

  4. when I think of Chinon I think of Henry II. I wonder how much tourism is there in that town thanks to him or any reason?


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