Monday, February 15, 2021

Pigeon in a rain spout

Some of the walls of the donjon in Loches are fitted with a modern gutter system to keep rainwater from damaging the stonework. This simple outlet looks to be made of copper. It serves the same purpose as a gargoyle (to project water away from the sides of the building), but is not ornately sculpted.

Pigeon in a rain spout, Loches, May 2006.

The pigeon was standing in the dry outlet, keeping an eye on me as I pointed my camera and snapped the photo. I'm sure I was using my zoom lens and was, therefore, much farther away than it looks.


  1. Great shot. For rats with feathers (I'm just quoting many NYC friends) they can be very photogenic.

  2. The rats with feathers eat up a lot of garbage that would otherwise lie in the streets.
    I'm a bit disappointed at the modern and utilitarian rain spout they used there, although it's nicely color-coordinated with the pigeon. I was hoping it would be more decorative -- I am quite taken with the hanging rings used as Japanese downspouts.

  3. I always heard them called "rats with wings." We have wood pigeons and turtle doves in our neighborhood.

  4. I don't care for pigeons either.


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