Thursday, February 11, 2021

Let it snow!

A dusting. That's what we used to call this meager amount of snow. But it was fun to watch Wednesday morning as it gently floated down from the sky and start to stick on roofs, tree branches, and other cold surfaces. Our morning low started out just above freezing, then got colder as the day went on. We had snow flurries on and off all day. I built a nice fire in the wood stove and we hunkered down.

Our neighbors' house across the road. Snow began sticking to cold surfaces as it got light outside yesterday morning.

This morning it's cold. We're down close to minus five Celsius (twenty-three Fahrenheit). We're expecting the same for Friday morning. The highs aren't expected to get much above 1ºC through the weekend. At least the mud and puddles will freeze and Tasha won't be so dirty after her walks. February is often our coldest month and this one certainly is, so far.


  1. Just looking at the photo, I can feel the cold. We're topping out near 20C most days this week. (And SG is complaining of the chill.)

  2. London weather has been similar, though not quite so cold, and a mere dusting of snow never lasts long here.

  3. New snow is always very pretty and this cold weather will kill a lot of garden pests. A win win situation.

  4. mitch, wow. 20 degree days are a ways off for us.

    autolycus, same here. We seem to be in a cold patter for the time being.

    bettyann, yup!


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