Friday, February 19, 2021

Another view over Loches

This photo was taken near the northern point of the Cité royale in Loches, very close to the royal residence (visible on the right). It's looking roughly eastward. You can see the fifteenth century Porte de Cordeliers down below (with the pointy conical roofs), the eastern gate in what was then the wall around the lower city. The Indre River is just beyond.

There's Ken taking a photo of the Porte des Cordeliers, Loches, May 2006.

From that gate, a street winds around the promontory and up to the Porte Royale on its eastern flank, the only access to the Cité royale above. It's a nice walk through the center of Loches if you don't mind walking uphill.


  1. Loches is a great little town, we love it and look forward to being there again this summer, with a bit of luck. A lot of luck probably.

  2. France keeps calling to me, again sometime soon,

  3. Loches is so pretty and green. It’s on our must do list for our next trip. We got our first vaccine shots yesterday!

  4. I will put a star next to Loche on my list of places to see. A star will mean plenty of walking uphill - be sure to eat a good breakfast!

  5. jean, I hope it happens. I don't know when we'll get vaccines...

    judy, it's a pretty place, especially in good weather.

    travel, we're not even doing any traveling around inside France. Looking forward to being able to do that again.

    bettyann, yippee!

    mary, ha!

    1. Walt, who is organising the vaccines? In the UK it's the GP's. If it's the same in France you could ask there.

  6. One can imagine the history of who was seen from this vantage point.


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