Thursday, February 04, 2021

One year ago today

I'm still lacking in new photos. The weather has been crazy wet and I don't like taking the camera out in it. The river is flooding in the usual places down below. Tasha comes back from her walks soaked and muddy and needs an "undercarriage wash" after each one, mainly to rinse the sand off before it dries and falls all over the house. It still does, but to a lesser extent.

Threatening skies over the vineyards, 04 February 2020.

I don't know how the vineyard workers deal with the soggy ground, but they're out there most days pruning. Even in the wind and rain. And the wind! It keeps blowing back through the boiler's exhaust system and putting the flame out. Some days we've had to reset the boiler several times to keep the radiators warm. The past few days have been mild, but still.

I'm getting my hair cut this morning. We found out yesterday that our stylist, who just had twins last summer, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She's so young and is now facing surgery this summer. Very sad.


  1. Flooding river photos or a video would be interesting.

  2. Very dramatic photo. Sorry to read the news about the stylist. Heartbreaking even without knowing her. I hope they caught it early and that she can look forward to a long and healthy life. Summer seems such a long way off for the surgery.

  3. Oh no. I just lost a dear, dear former student to lung cancer. She had gone on to be a French teacher, and was only 40. My best wishes to this young woman.

  4. Oh, how terrible for this young woman! Why would she have to wait till summer? (I know you don’t know, I’m just upset for her.)

  5. You need a waterproof "carry-about".... aka, a rugged camera....
    mine is a Ricoh WG-6 [Pentax Optio WG Series]... waterproof to 2mtres, dropable for 2 mtres, 1.5 tonnes non-crushable, works at -40Centipede [not sure I would, tho'].... lovely for walks!!
    It also focuses down to 1cm for macro which is what sold me originally over the Panasonic and Olympus offerings....
    All three makes offer high quality [20mpx] pix in a "couldn't give a damn" body.
    With a WR lens in place, both my K-1 and K-1ii [as well as my K-3ii] are watertight to thunderstorm skin soaker rain.... but, like you, they haven't been out in such.... they have all been outside the back door for rainbow shots while light rain has been falling!
    Only that far!! Only that far!!!

  6. Sad news about your hair stylist. Perhaps she is having radiation before the surgery.
    Is there some way to make a wind baffle for the boiler's exhaust system?

  7. andrew, you mean you want me to go out in that? LOL!

    mitch, I don't know any of the details, of course.

    judy, life's a bitch sometimes. :(

    bettyann, no, I don't know anything more.

    tim, good idea.

    chris, it's more complicated than I let on. I'm going to talk to the maintenance guy this spring when he comes to do the annual servicing.


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