Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha was out with me when I took the photos of the cyclamens. So I took one (actually several) of her, too. It's evident from this photo that she needs a bath and a good brushing. Weeks of muddy walks have taken their toll. Since her birthday is later this month, I may go ahead and make a grooming appointment for her.

Shaggy dog. What you can't see is the sand that she spreads around the house.

Apparently the north of France is getting some snow today. We're too far south for this storm, but the forecasters are saying we may get a little bit later this evening, quickly changing to rain. Then it's going to get cold, like -5ºC (23ºF). If they're right, it will be our coldest low so far this winter.


  1. Despite her present need for grooming - which I hadn't noticed till you mentioned it - she really is, as ever, a treat for sore eyes.

  2. Oh, the colors. Tasha and the wood pile contrasting the flowers and grass (weeds). Tasha is beautiful, dirty or clean.

  3. Love this pic of Tasha. We’ve been suffering through bitter temps for awhile now. The only upside...once it climbs back into the 30s and 40s again, it will feel like spring.


  4. I am not the only one who has not had a hair cut in a long while (a year for me.)

  5. Tasha looks so nice among the flowers!

  6. she looks so lovely. I would want to pamper her all the time with frequent grooming and brushing.


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