Wednesday, August 11, 2021

I shutter to think...

It's a joke. I know how to spell chuddor shoddre shudder.

Shuttered window, Mennetou-sur-Cher, May 2006.

Not much to say this morning. I've got a haircut appointment. We cooked burgers on the gril grille grill yesterday. Yum! Today we might do chicken parts. Parts is parts.


  1. "where's the beef?" sorry you puns triggered it.

  2. I do enjoy a pair of old French shutters!

  3. Such a well made pair of shutters! They make houses look austere when closed, but opened they often have flowers and such- very beautiful.

  4. Love your sense of humor, Walt.

  5. It will probably be at least another 50 years before Americans recognize the benefits of shutters. I wish they were available here with the exterior hardware to secure them! They are attractive, effective and provide security!

  6. What Mary said. When a French friend visited, she wondered how we manage without shutters.

  7. Well, I liked it; it made me smile.

  8. miche, mhitsh, mitch, apparently the strikethough tag doesn't work in the comments box.

    travel, ha!

    judy, there is something about them...

    evelyn, true!

    diane, I have always enjoyed very bad puns.

    mary, it's much more fun to nail plywood to your house.

    chris, I wonder the same thing.

    michael, :)


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