Friday, August 20, 2021

Parts is parts

We had these chicken thighs and drumsticks (parts) in the freezer and decided to marinate (yuppies marinate everything) and grill them. Ken chopped some fresh rosemary for the marinade. They turned out very tasty. I've forgotten what we ate with the chicken. It was potatoes, I think, either French fried or mashed. We did both recently.

Chicken parts marinating in rosemary, hot smoked paprika, white wine, and olive oil.

This morning the outdoor thermometer reads 11.8ºC (about 53ºF). The sky was clear overnight. But fear not! Today's forecast is for a high in the mid-twenties! That's the high seventies F, approaching eighty. It's going to be even hotter tomorrow! Can you stand it or what?


  1. SG used to do a chicken thigh marinade… when we actually WERE yuppies. Enjoy summer.

  2. That cocktail sounds Bobo. I really enjoyed the kirs we had together in June.

  3. Mitchell used up my yuppie joke. (Chicken looks good.)

  4. I don't think I ever was a yuppie!

  5. Certainly not a marinating yuppie! But yours looks fantastic...

  6. mitch, yes, I am no longer young, urban, or professional. Those were the days.

    evelyn, mmmm, they're good, too!

    chris, oh, go ahead. We don't stand on ceremony around here. ;)

    mary, I read: "certainly not marinating a yuppie!" Haha!


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