Tuesday, February 14, 2023


I mentioned the Château de Valençay's terrasse/courtyard in yesterday's post. The castle is built on a high point overlooking the valley of the diminutive Nahon River. Its terrasse is open on the river side, making for some dramatic views over the countryside.

A grand stair leads down from the terrace toward the river below. September 2003.

Our mornings are foggy right now, with low temperatures just above freezing. The fog has been burning off late in the morning and we get a nice, sunny afternoon. It's very pleasant, almost like spring. Speaking of which, I think I heard and briefly saw a cuckoo fly though the yard yesterday. It's early for them to be here. Maybe that one's just trying to get a jump on the traffic.


  1. What a charming little courtyard and view.

  2. Lovely flowers. Funny about the cuckoo!

  3. What a pretty picture!

  4. mitch, little? ;)

    evelyn, :)

    bettyann, thanks!


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