Wednesday, February 22, 2023


These are the steps we sat on while watching the little play in the courtyard of the Valençay château

Steps in black and white. April 2004.

Earlier this morning, Ken found Tasha carrying something strange around the living room. Turns out it was the severed head of a wild rabbit. I'm guessing that Bert caught and killed it and brought the remains into the house during the night. Shortly after Ken's gruesome discovery, I got up and turned the light on in the den. There was the rabbit's headless body on the floor. As soon as the sun comes up I'll dispose of it all (by chucking it into the woods). I'm going to have to start closing Bert in at night again.


  1. Haa, Persie (also a black cat) just eats the heads, and slaps the remains on the doorstep for one to step on! If we're lucky, one of the woodland foxes will nip in overnight and have it for his late night snack.

  2. If that happened here I would put it on the rock out front for the crows - they know to look there for treats.

  3. Bert keeps things lively for you all. Tasha must have been happy to have the kill brought in for her enjoyment lol.

  4. i'd be scared Mr B could bring a snake in

  5. Oh, I don’t think I could deal with either part of that rabbit!

  6. pats, I kept Bert shut in last night. We all slept soundly.

    judy, you can say that again!

    sillygirl, that's my equivalent of chucking it into the woods. The critters will find it.

    evelyn, I didn't see her with the head, but she must have wondered why Ken took it away.

    melinda, he does bring lizards in, but I've not seen a snake. Thankfully.

    bettyann, it was a cute rabbit, as beheaded animals go. :)

  7. Oh dear god! I’d be having nightmares.


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