Monday, February 06, 2023

Potstickers and egg rolls

About a year ago, we found frozen potstickers, or gyoza, in an Asian supermarket over in Tours. We picked up a few bags (one each of pork, chicken, and shrimp) and they were delicious. Then I found them again in the Asian market up in Blois. And now we find them turning up in the standard supermarkets.They're all different brands, but all equally as good.

Egg rolls and potstickers. I didn't photograph the stir-fry.

We've been finding Vietnamese egg rolls, or nems, in the stores for a few years now. And there's an Asian vendor at the St.-Aignan Saturday market that sells them, too. Theirs are smaller than those in the photo above, but just as good. For Sunday's lunch, Ken made a beef with broccoli stir-fry and we served the potstickers and egg rolls along side. Yum!


  1. We've been to a restaurant a number of times called Potstickers but I never knew what they were.

    1. They are dumplings, Andrew..

  2. That looks so good. Did I ever tell you that I used to make my own egg rolls? From scratch! Yes, I did. I once made 180 bite-sized ones for our housewarming party in DC.

  3. Anonymous is Jan from Perth ;-)

  4. Yes, yumm, and that's a pretty plate :)

  5. andrew, yes, dumplings, steamed. They can be stuffed with just vegetables or veg and chicken, shrimp, or pork. Tasty!

    mitch, cool. I made my own, too, but since I've been finding them in the markets, I haven't.

    jan, very!

    judy, I think that plate (and a smaller companion) came from the gift shop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The design that you can't see is of fish.

    evelyn, indeed!

    mary, :)


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