Monday, February 13, 2023

Out building

According to my extensive quick and dirty research, this is the Rendez-vous de chasse de La Garenne in the Parc de Chantemerle. That's a mouthful. In essence, it's a hunting lodge. It sits down in the valley of the Nahon River which flows by Valençay. This view is from the terrace courtyard of the château across the river. The lodge, constructed in the early nineteenth century for Prince Talleyrand (who lived in the château), is on the northwestern end of a rather large forest that I believe is called Garsenland.

Not too shabby. September 2003.

Apparently, the building is privately owned and I find no information about whether or not it's open to the public or whether or not it still serves as a hunting lodge.


  1. Nice little place for a weekend getaway. Talleyrand lived well and to a very old age.

  2. Keep looking up, Walt! There still might be balloons watching you in the future! I hope not.

  3. mitch, now I'm looking for that crescent moon on the door...

    judy, :)

    bettyann, may we all.

    mary, since the pandemic, there have been fewer and fewer hot air balloons in our sky. But they were not surveillance balloons. I think.


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