Thursday, February 02, 2023

Let's go back to Valençay

It's been a long time since I visited the Château de Valençay, but I have photos from many visits in the early 2000s. And isn't it strange that the early 2000s were already twenty years ago? Many of the following photos have already been posted here, but with older camera technology and older post-processing software. I can't do anything about the cameras, so I'm giving the images a new look with more recent software.

Château de Valençay. September 2003.

This is the main entrance to the château, once you pass through the small building where tickets are sold. The formal garden is not extensive, but it's beautiful and meticulously maintained. And, as with most gardens, it changes from year to year.


  1. Lovely picture. I really enjoyed my visit here. It’s a beautiful chateau without the masses of tourists and well worth visiting. Today is the very last day of my one month in Paris. :(

    1. So glad you had a whole month in Paris and a non touristy one at that.

  2. Yes, it is funny to me, too, that the early 2000s were 20 years ago.
    This is a very pretty scene :)

  3. I was 55 in the year 2000 and I seem to be frozen there. Wish my body was frozen there as well lol.

  4. bettyann, bon retour !

    judy, time flies!

    evelyn, if wishes were fishes!


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