Friday, February 03, 2023


Here's another shot of the "front yard" at the Château de Valençay. That's Ken and our (late) friend Cheryl posing for their portrait. Later, after passing through the arch, we waited for a troupe of actors in period costume to perform a scene from the castle's history. A little corny, but fun.

The gravel paths were impeccably clean. Valençay, September 2003.

Today I will call the dentist for an appointment. He'll probably want me to come in so he can have a look, maybe take an x-ray, then schedule another appointment for the actual work. I think I cracked a crown on a seed in some grain bread. The crown is still attached, but it feels loose. There's a moderate amount of pain, so I'm taking paracetamol (acetaminophen) and that's helping a lot.


  1. To live in a little chateau like that used to be a fantasy of mine. You’re tough. I thought you would have been on the phone to the dentist two days ago. Hope you can see him quickly.

  2. Love seeing this photo. I wish I had gotten to meet Cheryl. You may need antibiotics for your tooth. Our dentist loves taking care of Lewis and me- we are funding his kid's college funds lol.

    1. How nice to look at your dental expenses as a positive, Evelyn! I must ask my childhood friend and dentist what lovely and expensive things he can't live without have been purchased recently with my dental necessities (3 crowns, etc.) I'm sure that will get a laugh from him! Doesn't look like there were a lot of tourists who were staying for the drama production - too bad. I always enjoy them, as well - corny or not!

  3. mitch, I've got no response, so far. Ugh.

    evelyn, ha!

    mary, there was a small crowd inside the courtyard, maybe 20 people or so.


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