Saturday, February 18, 2023


I really don't remember, but I think the woman arriving by coach is supposed to be the Duchess de Dino, wife of Talleyrand's nephew and, after her divorce, companion to Talleyrand himself. She spent some years at Valençay.

I wish I had included the horse in the photo. September 2003.

The women as coachmen seem a little out of place, but what the heck. There were other players as well, some of whom leaned out upstairs windows the greet the duchesse.


  1. Great photo. I heard all cars in France will be electric by 2035. It would be fun to go back in time and whisper stuff like this in Talleyrand's ears.

  2. It seems like whenever there are movies or plays or dress-up things like this, we are given the impression that everything was beautiful and clean and fresh and lovely... but, I bet the reality was pretty different :)

  3. Interest how there’s something very modern about them all. Hard to imagine people hanging out windows to greet her... just like the old days. What a name. Duchess de Dino. Was her first name Desiree?

  4. OMG. She was Duchess Dorothea de Dino!

  5. That's quite a HAT, Duchess! I think it's great offering lady coachpeople!!!


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