Friday, February 10, 2023

Still at Valençay

Here's a close-up of one of the round towers of the Château de Valençay. Straight lines, curves, slopes, slate, and stone. It's all about geometry.

Engineering and artisan craftsmanship from the 16th - 18th centuries. Amazing. September 2003.

As we get closer to the work actually happening on the deck, I'm thinking about getting it cleared off. Again. We did that the last time we were expecting the work to be done (more than two, or was it three, years ago now), but the work never started. There's not much to move this time, it's mostly plants and empty pots. There's one huge plant, an aucuba (on wheels, thankfully), that will have to find a temporary home indoors. And then there's the grill. That might have to go downstairs. Ugh.

Our mornings have been cold recently, with lows below freezing. Frost forms in all the usual places, but the days are bright and sunny. They say it will warm up some over the weekend.


  1. Yes, the word for that building is “amazing.” Winds are blowing at around 70 kph right now.

  2. Sometimes, it's hard to get enthused, when you've been let down before!

  3. Everything about the construction of Château de Valençay is calculated and so well executed by the artisans. Knowing how difficult it is to schedule tradesmen on the jobsite I find it absolutely amazing how will executed the slate work and the lead work is.Something tells me this chateau was built to last for ages to come. I was taught to look at the footings, the foundations, and if masterpieces in their own right then what rises above will be a lasting monument. A thing of enduring beauty. The surrounding village is none to shabby either.

  4. mitch, hang on!

    judy, I'm trying not to be over optimistic. Trying.

    woody, and there are so many buildings and works around the world that are much, much older than Valençay.


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