Friday, February 24, 2023


I'm getting my hair cut today. The salon is one of two* store-front businesses in our little village, the other being a bakery and convenience shop. And there's a post office, but I don't count that as a business. I also don't count the wine makers or the contractors. They're businesses of another kind.

A window at Valençay. April 2004.

The reason I mention this is that we learned earlier in the week that the woman who runs the hair salon is closing it down in a few months. She says that she lost a lot of business to the pandemic and it just didn't come back. People have learned to do without coloring or other of the services that made money. Simple haircuts just don't cut it, as it were.

I'm sure I'll get an earful while I'm in the chair this morning. It probably won't be my last cut before she closes, but maybe the next to the last. Ken and I have been going to the same salon for almost twenty years now. The current owner is the second in all of that time. Unless some brave soul decides to buy the business and keep it going, it'll soon be time to look around for a new shop.

Update: I forgot the auto mechanic, just outside the center of town. I knew I'd forget somebody.


  1. When I got my hair professionally cut, I hated having to find someone new. You could always start going to Paris for your dos.

  2. I like the window photo :)
    It's really too bad about the business drying up in smaller towns. What a shame!

  3. My local went out of business a couple of years ago. We found someone new, Rocco is good, but expensive.

  4. Too bad about your hair cutter. I wonder if she will be able to stay or will she have to move to a larger town to work.

  5. Glad you are getting your hair cut in the old place. The pandemic changed so many things.

  6. Maybe the current hairdresser can offer a referral or tell you where she will be in the future?

  7. Last comment was mine!

  8. mitch, that would cost a pretty penny. Especially when you consider that it would have to include lunch.

    judy, I think there are many salons to choose from in neighboring towns. It's just a pain to have to look for one.

    travel, rocco? ;)

    bettyann, she said she'll be looking for a job in another salon and let us know what happens.

    evelyn, I don't think I could cut it myself. Well, I could, but you know how well that would turn out!

    mary, we'll see!


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