Wednesday, February 15, 2023


This is the stair that I mentioned yesterday. It connects the castle's courtyard/terrasse with the paths that descend toward the river in Valençay. It's a little on the fancy side, no?

This is half the stair. The other half is out of the photo on the right. September 2003.

High pressure continues to dominate western Europe. That means clear skies, cold mornings, and warm afternoons. Relatively warm, around 14ºC (approaching 60ºF). I haven't been building fires for a couple of days.


  1. Your relatively warm is our relatively cold. I love that. When I was a kid I imagine myself living in a “house” with stairs like that in the garden.

  2. Great Valençay photos these have been :)

  3. I've enjoyed your Valençay photos. Glad you are having a pause in fire duties.

  4. wow! take about L’esprit de l’escalier!

  5. mitch, it's amazing how much difference 1,500km can make!

    judy, glad you're enjoying them.

    evelyn, now the morning lows are getting higher, too.

    michael, :)


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