Friday, September 21, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Callie was a spoiled little pup this past week when her Aunt Joanna and Aunt Janice came to visit. They brought a whole pile of treats and toys including Callie's new favorite rope from Granny in North Carolina.

Aunt Joanna spent a lot of quality time playing tug and chase and otherwise holding and petting Callie. We know this dog is going to really miss her Aunts now that they're on their way back home.

Do you think this makes me look fat ?

Here she is modeling her stylish new polo shirt sent by Cousin Ginger. Callie wasn't sure she wanted to put it on, much less get her picture taken in it. But hey, new fashions always take a little while to get used to, n'est ce pas ?

Thanks to everyone for thinking of Callie.
She loves all her new stuff !


  1. Wow! That's awesome! Such an outpouring of love for Callie from the N.C. contingent. She certainly doesn't look too happy in her new frock. Maybe because she doesn't have a matching bag?

  2. Sounds like Callie enjoyed meeting her relatives from the new country.

    Don't let Callie wear that shirt to market until she finds a matching bag- you know how fashion conscious the French are;-)

  3. I think a hat would better complement the look.

  4. Cute pup! Callie just looks like a model!

  5. Duh, people, it's the shoes. She doesn't have matching shoes. Isn't that enough to distress any female?


  6. Callie looks great.....but you all know she just needs a pair of glasses to complete the outfit.

    Unfortunately for my border collie (Molly) I've photographed her many times wearing my's kind of a deal we've made with each other. I put up with her being a border collie and all that energy involved.....and she poses for me every couple of years wearing my glasses....or sitting behind the wheel of my car.

    Victoria Marx, Bellingham, WA

  7. EEk! This is the cutest thing ever. The pink goes well with her fur colouring. It's so nicely pressed, too. Tres belle!

  8. Wow, everyone. If we deck her out in shoes, a bag, glasses, and a hat, she'll probably become a top model and we won't be able to afford to hang out with her !


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