Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dans la rue Soufflot

After passing the Sorbonne, I took a right into the rue Soufflot which runs between the Pantheon on the east and the Luxembourg gardens on the west. Although it was Friday morning, it was still the last week of summer vacation, so the sidewalks were relatively calm. I saw a few people in suits enjoying their morning coffee in the sun before heading to work.

A typical Parisian café on a sunny morning. Just a few doors down is a Quick Burger and across the street is McDonald's.

I didn't stop at a café until much later in the morning. I just felt like walking for a while and knew that when I got tired, there would be an inviting café pretty much wherever I ended up. I made my way along the rue Soufflot to the entrance of the Luxembourg gardens on the Boulevard Saint-Michel, Place Edmond Rostand.


  1. Walt - We know this spot so well. It was where we stayed in 2006 and we will again next year. Love the area. We did however resist the temptation of Maccas (LOL).

  2. We also stayed right in this area, at the Hôtel Observatoire Luxembourg. From the looks of the website, it has had a big facelift... and rise in prices. Great area. I believe we ate at the Quick Hamburger place one night.


  3. Just before you get to the fountain on rue Soufflot, there is a Quick (French version of McDonald's), we stopped there once just because we had never even entered a Quick and were curious to see how it differed from McDo's. It seemed like the only difference was the name.

  4. Love this area. We stayed at the Hotel du Pantheon in '09 before the price went WAY up.

    Sorry your hotel wasn't air conditioned- it was so hot the weekend we were there. The Hyatt exceeded my expectations that weekend. Will never forget that place, but that said the 5th is my favorite area of Paris still.

  5. I miss Paris so much right now. Sometimes I feel like I vicariously live through your blog.

  6. McDonald's? in France? say it ain't so!!!

  7. leon, there's so much else, why go to McD's?

    judy, I'm not sure I've ever been to Quick. I did go to a McD's once way back when just to say I'd been, but I don't remember it at all.

    starman, Yes, I'm familiar with it. I'm not suprised that it's similar to McD's.

    evelyn, I know, it was HOT! But it wasn't too bad, just for 2 nights.

    bosguy, so nice of you to say! When's the last time you were in Paris?

    michael, oh, it's so and has been for thirty years. And now they have Starbucks, too. McDonald's just built a new restaurant in the town across the river from mine. I have not been there yet. ;)

  8. Oooh, those sidewalk cafés are like no where else on earth! I MISS PARIS! (last time 2007) Time to go back, right after the stock market recovers, that is.

    Mary in Oregon


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