Saturday, September 03, 2011

The sign

It took us a few moments to figure out the sign that was posted on the barn door. It says, "Soyez gentils de ne rien jeter sur les toitures. Merci." Please be kind enough not to throw anything up onto the roof. Thank you. Why would we want to throw anything up onto the roof?

A sign on the barn door.

Then it occurred to me. Kids would love to throw balls up against the walls and up onto the roof and catch them as they came back down. I'm sure many roof tiles have been broken that way. We were good and didn't throw any balls up there.

We did throw balls out into the yard for Callie to chase.


  1. I'm loving the mossy slate tiles. Clearly the landlord had you and Ken tagged as wild partying types, hence the sign :)

  2. Whew! Glad you were all able to resist that urge :)

  3. Apparently, they were tired of having to replace tiles.

  4. Sorry Walt! I had forgotten about the Paris trip to see the honeymooners. I have been working a lot and sometimes can't remember of what is going on.

  5. nadege, sorry... I didn't have internet access in Paris because I didn't take the laptop. Sometimes you just gotta unplug!

    craig, yes, she had our number!

    judy, seriously, all I wanted to do was to toss a tennis ball up there...

    starman, I think so!


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