Friday, September 02, 2011

The mouse pad

Ken surprised me with a present when he got home. He found Normandy mouse pads, and this one was apparently calling out my name.

Normandy: strong and green (that's what it says in the lower left corner). It's green because it rains a lot up there.

I'm from New York, you see. So it kind of makes sense. He got one for himself, too. I'll let him show you that one on his blog.


  1. Heula is famous for their plays on words... Their slogan: fort et vert" is also "forever" with a nice French accent.

  2. He's noyce to bring home a pressie for you.

  3. It's lovely and a thoughtful gift. But you deserve food or wine :)

  4. It has been so long since I've used a mouse (I hate them). Whenever I'm in France I always check FNAC, Darty and a couple of others for trackballs, but I've never seen one there. I wonder why?

  5. My ancestors came from Normandy, back in the 800s-1000s. I wonder if the place is changed much.

  6. Thanks Milkjam for "forever" for "fort et vert". I got myself a fridge magnet like this mousepad. I couldn't resist.

  7. milkjam, cool! I hadn't made that connection.

    leon, and I returned the favor with a Tour de France t-shirt!

    mark, :)

    andrew, it's very cute.

    judy, yup!

    craig, oh, that's not lacking.

    starman, I've never looked for one, since I just use a mouse.

    michael, probably not too much. Except for the cars, trains, and other such modernities.

    evelyn, cool! Have a good flight home.


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