Friday, September 30, 2011

Le passé simple

I'll bet some of you out there will recognize where this was taken. It's the lobby and main staircase of the Alliance Française, the language school in Paris that our study abroad group attended in 1981-82.

The calm before the storm; classes started again the week after I took this photo.

The buildings have had some face-lifting done in the past thirty years, and one of the old buildings (where Ken's office was) was demolished and replaced back in the early nineties. I think there are apartments in the new building.

I walked through from the rue de Fleurus to the main courtyard and out through the entrance on the boulevard Raspail. Oh, the memories.


  1. Did you study and did Ken work with UC's Education Abroad Program?

  2. Oh my HEAVENS!! :)) I wouldn't have remembered it if you hadn't said, but I remember it now. I think I spent more time in the other building.

  3. What a great interior shot.
    That's something that I have to work on.

  4. The Alliance Française in Fort Lauderdale has closed for some reason.

  5. mitch, something like that... but it wasn't UC. It was a small mid-western college.

    judy, hehehe... I had classes in both buildings, and also spent a lot of time at Ken's office in the building that's gone now.

    mark, I was lucky with this one since I was standing outside taking the picture and didn't have a tripod.

    starman, maybe that other more predominate language is just too much competition?


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