Thursday, September 01, 2011

The flowers

Here are a few gratuitous photos of some of the flowers growing around the farmhouse in southern Normandy. I don't know what they are, but that's ok. I'll just make up names for them.

This one's a prime example of whitus spikyum. Its common name is That White Spiky Flower.

This one is often mistaken for a normal daisy. In fact, it's daisyjaundis closeyface. Its common name is Yellow Daisy Without Sun.

This one is a protected species in the Perche region. The famed youdontknowwhatitis grows wild along the roadside. Its common name is Darryl.

And that's it for Fractured Botany Today. Join us again. Or not.


  1. You've been watching Danny Kaye again?

    Good job on naming the flora, Walt. You picked up local terminology very quickly, I'd say.

  2. Very funny. I rather like the idea of a flower named Darryl. How about one called Ethel too?

  3. I have been reading yours and Ken's blogs for about 6 months now and this one is among my favorites. It really made me giggle. Thank your for the uplift and your daily posts. I look forward to them every day, gets me through the morning before the opening bell at my desk here on Wall Street. And no, I am not a greedy fat cat.

  4. :-)

    The verification word is bitylari, a lovely puce flower that blooms in January. Can you take a photo of that, please?

  5. Thanks!! You brought a big grin to my face. Whatever their names are, yours are way better :-)

  6. Love the names you came up with.

  7. Just read the sidebar. Been dipping into the sauce, have you?

  8. I thought by now, one of your bloggers would be able to give the botanic names to your photogenic species...I guess those bloggers are taking a break, today!

    Are you going to show us the other two related species to the third flower, common name, Darryl, tomorrow? Darryl and Darryl? I thought there were three of those guys at that Inn up in Vermont with Bob Newhart? hehehe

    Mary in Oregon

  9. But there's been a change: they broke the chalice from the palace!

  10. I love the names of the flowers! It has reminded me of a story about birds; so you are the inspiration of one of my upcoming posts!

  11. carolyn, it's one of my favorites.

    craig, ok.

    angiemanzi, welcome!

    chris, I'll work on that.

    n&a, :)

    ann, i have my moments...

    starman, whatever gave you that idea? ;)

    mary, yes, Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. I'll have to do some more field work.

    john, I understand they replaced with with a flagon, with a figure of a dragon.

    mitch, I'll look forward to it!


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