Sunday, September 18, 2011

Un matin Monge

Before my walk officially got started, I needed to go to an ATM for some walking around cash. I knew my bank had a branch in this neighborhood, and I thought I knew right where it was, but I ended up circling a block or two before I found it.

Looking down the rue Monge toward the spire of the Sainte-Chapelle.

No matter, the morning was glorious. I found my bank and got some cash then made my way down the rue des Ecoles and walked up past the Sorbonne toward the rue Soufflot.


  1. Seduced by an early Paris morn...

  2. Enjoying your walk. Do you have your wood cut for this winter yet?


  3. Can't you use your Carte Bleu at any bank ATM?

  4. Some banks charge us when we repeatdly take money from ATM's belonging to banks different from ours... Well, at least, that's what my BNP bank does...

  5. This photo makes me want to go visit Fred again.
    Oh wait! He's just upstairs!
    p.s. You really do take gorgeous photos.

  6. France always looks so clean and pleasant. Aren't there any 'bad areas' and slums?

  7. john-san, I always am.

    bettyann, yes, it's mostly done. There are about 40 more logs to cut, but I'm putting them off until after the hedge is done.

    judy, n'est-ce pas!

    starman, I know I can use it at the Poste, but some other banks charge fees. I just don't know which ones. I have taken cash out of other banks from time to time without fees.

    mary, I don't know about my bank... I should look at the fee schedule again.

    mark, you should still visit him, especially since he's so close. ;)

    michael, oh yes. There are suburbs of Paris that are not so nice where there is crime and other unpleasantness.


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