Thursday, September 15, 2011

Le regard d'un artiste

Here's my cousin Mark checking out paintings in one of the galleries in the Place des Vosges. I took the picture from outside, through the window, which accounts for the glare. He looks so serious. I wonder what he was thinking?

I think the paintings were scenes of New York City.

Here are my guesses:

A. I can do that. Heck, I can do better than that.

B. I can't believe they're asking that much for this crap.

C. I'm really diggin' the surreal post-abstract neo-expressionism of this piece.

D. I want a hamburger.


  1. E. I wish I could do that.

  2. F. Why aren't there curtains at this window?

  3. Another Walt masterpiece photo. Great colors abound.

  4. Those paintings weren't too bad if I remember correctly. They're mounted in a funny way though with a wood board painted black behind the stretched canvas. Go figure I'm drawn to the landscapes...some of which were of NYC.

  5. Maybe: 'If I had done this work I would have tried it from a different angle.'
    In any case, from here they look pretty good to me. Like the photo through the window from outside Walt.

  6. I really like this shot - there's a lot going on in it.
    BTW - the answer to my question to you in your previous post was Jim Morrison from the Doors and they buried him in that old cemetary up there in the 11th.

  7. Most likely, he was thinking, "How would I have painted this?"

  8. He was thinking, "Now I can write off my entire honeymoon on my income tax!"

  9. Love it! Amazingly enough, it reminds me of the art of his you have posted -- I guess the color pallette is similar. But what strikes me about this one is that the telephone wires are missing. I was impressed with that detail in Mark's paintings.

  10. lesley, except that Mark wouldn't say that... he's an accomplished artist!

    mark, hehehe!

    judy, :)

    mg, I didn't remember (or even notice in the photo) that mounting until you mentioned it.

    jim, could be...

    leon, I didn't know that JM lived in the Place des Vosges. I did know that he's buried in the Père Lachaise (which is in the 20th).

    starman, maybe...

    cynthia, hahaha!

    cheryl, interesting. An artful comment! ;)


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