Friday, September 09, 2011

The last day

We had arrived in Normandy on a Monday afternoon and I was scheduled to head back home on Thursday. Bertie was alone at home and we thought three days was enough for the first time. Ken stayed on with our friends and came home by train on Saturday.

One of the prettiest streets in Bellême. See the sundial?

On Thursday morning (two weeks ago now) we all drove over to the nearby town of Bellême to see the town and walk through their market. The market was nice, but the town was even nicer. It's very small with about 1,500 inhabitants, but the center of town is nicely maintained and there is plenty to see. We spent a couple of hours wandering through the market and the neighborhood around the ruins of the old château before Callie and I headed south for our three hour drive home.

Bertie was nowhere to be seen when we got home, but he was there and ready for his breakfast early on Friday morning. He harbored no ill will for having been left behind.

So this is the end of the Normandy photos for now. And the end of the collection of posts that begin with "The..."


  1. How picturesque, quaint, charming, and all those other adjectives.

  2. I think that this edging that you see around the windows, doors, and edges of the houses, is what my French family was telling me is typical of the Perche. Did you see it often?

  3. What's with that man/sculpture on that wall?
    Pretty street!

  4. This house is so pretty. I love the colors, the apricot and soft powdery blue/green with the stonework. I'm imagining the life of the people who live there. I hope it's a happy one.

  5. Our cat was OK when we returned also- they are more independent than dogs.

    I'm going to miss the "The" posts from Normandy. Heck, I'm seriously missing France right now, but I still have some after-trip glow going on.

  6. So sweet of you to come home early because you were concerned about Bertie! What good cat owners you are.

  7. There seems to be a plethora of those sundials in Europe. I wonder if they were all made by the same guy?

  8. Interesting "aht" on the wall under the sundial.
    I wonder if Bertie even noticed you were gone. You know the saying: dogs have owners, cats have staff.

  9. My sweet "Filou" (cat) was also OK and showed me how pleased to see me back home :-)

  10. Hmm, forgot to type "he was" after typing "how pleased", sorry !

  11. mitch, I'm grateful, appreciative, humbled, and all those other adjectives. ;)

    judy, I don't remember! But it's something that I recognize and know I've seen it elsewhere.

    mark, there were several galleries and the like in the neighborhood.

    kristi, it does look like a very nice townhouse. I'm curious as to what it's like inside and if they have a garden in the back.

    evelyn, there are still some photos left that I'll post now and then, and I know that Ken has more to do from your time there.

    fashionsurvivor, we are so very dedicated. ;)

    starman, if so, he sure got around.

    chris, I'd notice if my staff failed to show up for work...

    mary, good! Bertie was just fine, too, but it was the first time we'd left him by himself.


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