Thursday, September 29, 2011

La dernière du Luxembourg

This is the last photo from inside the Luxembourg garden. Right next to the gate on the rue Guynemer, on the left side, is one of the sections of the garden that's made in the English style. The first glade is built around a statue of Edouard Branly, a doctor and physicist, who was one of the pioneers of radio and wireless radio telegraphy. You can look that up.

The typical Parisian park chair in the Luxembourg garden.

Monsieur Branly is credited with pioneering what we know as the wireless remote control. He might also be blamed for why we all have fifteen remotes wandering around our homes. Seriously. I have at least four on the coffee table in the living room. And four more in the family room. Thank you very much, M. Branly!

Of course, I'd rather get up and look for the remote than get up and change the channel manually, n'est-ce pas?


  1. Remotes... do you mean "clickers"?? :))
    (okay, how many of you call them that? And where did that come from? I remember the first "remote" I ever saw was attached to the TV by a long cord and had hard buttons that clicked when you pushed them in).

    Great photo!


  2. Now we even have a remote for our
    floor model fan added to the mix.

  3. Beautiful photo - I have really enjoyed your trip to Paris!

  4. Walt, I think you have us beat with remote controllers, but we have a bunch of them. I'm lucky to have mastered my personal one for volume control mostly.
    Judy, we call our remotes "clickers" also.
    Sheila, we have those fan remotes too- they are really nifty.

  5. Thanks so much for the Luxembourg tour. Our last day in Paris in July, Tony went back to the hotel to take a nap, and Katie and I spent the rest of the hot afternoon listening to a couple of traveling high-school orchestras at the bandshell, wandering around the park, and then watching a puppet show. I'd never been to the puppet show before, but having an 11-year-old along was the perfect excuse.

    Your photos are bringing back happy memories.

  6. Monsieur Branly is also the person for whom the Quai Branly is named, as well as the new Musée du Quai Branly.

  7. judy, I've never called them clickers. Must be a regional thing. I also remember the ones with the cords. Too funny! Of course, you never had to search for those...

    sheila, I waiting for the remote that operates the remote...

    jean, thanks! There's lots more to come.

    evelyn, Ken's a collector.

    chris, that sounds fun!

    starman, right! I read about that in prep for my post. I had no idea!


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