Saturday, September 10, 2011

A full house and a tent

After the Normandy trip, our friends Evelyn and Lewis came to the house for a few days before heading up to Paris to wrap up their trip. We had heard from Mike (el loco & el lobo) that he and his friend Gustav and Munson the Alaskan Malamute would be coming through our area on Tuesday on their way back to southwestern France from Scandinavia and the U.K.

L to R: Evelyn, Mike, Gustav, Lewis, and Ken. American, Australian, and Swedish.

Mike had reserved a room at a local bed and breakfast for the night and was planning on stopping by for drinks that evening. I got an email that afternoon from Mike saying that the B&B contacted him and told him there had been an error; they overbooked and they did not have a room for him after all. And he was about an hour or so away. I gave Mike the names of a couple of local hotels, but also, half seriously, told him we could pitch the camping tent in the back yard if they wanted to sleep here. They discussed it and decided to take us up on the offer!

We sat around the table on the deck that evening enjoying some lively conversation along with wine and little plates of pâtés, cheeses, oven roasted tomatoes, and other finger-type foods. After a while a few of us went out and set up the tent. We had camping mats, pillows, and an extra sleeping bag (Mike had one sleeping bag in his car). It was a chilly night but there was no rain in the forecast.

The next day we all got up and had coffee and toast after which the guys (with Munson) headed south.


  1. I thought you were going to say that you and Ken had slept in the tent. Now that would have been above the call of duty!

  2. Loved meeting these guys and Munson.

  3. Nice relaxing time, I suppose.

  4. You've had a nice summer, haven't you? Weather notwithstanding.

  5. What fun, to have friends around, and I dare say your garden was as least as good as any French campsite (which mostly are actually very good, we have found) !!

  6. Never a dull moment at Chez Walt and Ken.

  7. My family had a small home, but we, too, offered many of our friends the opportunity to stay over in our backyard over the years!

    Summertime is just perfect for that kind of hospitality. I'm sure your friends were happy to be part of the comradery.

  8. Gustav!
    That is one of my favorite names!

  9. I've belatedly caught up with my own blogging to that day. We're very grateful for the opportunity to explore the nightlife beside the Cher!

    Loved meeting Evelyn & Lewis too!


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