Saturday, September 17, 2011

L'Hôtel Abbatial St. Germain

This is not the hotel I stayed in, but another one close by. By the looks of it (here's their web site) I should have stayed here. The single rooms are reasonably priced and the location is great. The next time I go to Paris, I'll have to check it out.*

L'hôtel Abbatial and le café Paris St. Germain.

Below the hotel is a café called le Paris St. Germain. It's at the corner of the Boulevard Saint Germain and the rue des Bernardins. I really liked that the neon sign was lit. It was a Friday morning and while my cousin and his wife went to the Louvre, I took a long and leisurely walk across the Left Bank. The morning sky was milky, but the fog burned off quickly and the sky turned clear and blue.

*UPDATE: Well, the rates are reasonable for three Sunday nights in February. After looking around a little more on their website, I find that the teaser rates are just that. Actual rates are much higher. Oh well.


  1. Great photo.
    There is a chance I might be going to Paris for a long weekend next month, so I will check out the hotel.

  2. Hotel websites do that to us every time, don't they?


  3. Shame the 'real' rates aren't what they claim. :-(

  4. OH! I've actually stayed there for a girls' weekend a couple years ago. It was a GREAT hotel, definitely check it out. I remember we got a good deal at the time, but it was a really off season weekend. Totally worth it though, and the top rooms have good views.

  5. I wondered about that hotel, too, when I looked at a map for the area and saw it listed.

    Did you stay at the one Ken has mentioned staying at several times? I've suddenly forgotten the name.

    Did the newlyweds like their hotel? May I ask which one they chose?

  6. Hotel prices in Paris have risen in the past ten years...a lot. used to have several bargains in the 5th. Two years ago our friend Linda got a single at Hotel du Pantheon for 81 €- that price is long gone.
    It definitely helps to shop around. Now some hotels are lowering prices if you are willing to prepay.

  7. If one is going to be in Paris (or any city for that matter) for a week or more, they will lose quite a bit by staying at a hotel.

  8. jean, it really does look like a nice place, it's just a little more pricey than I thought.

    bettyann, yup.

    n&a, yes, that "prices from" claim gets me every time.

    christine, thanks for the recommendation. It does look nice!

    judy, we've been staying at the Carmes and the College de France most recently, but they didn't have rooms available for the nights I wanted. I stayed at the Cardinal Lemoine. It's under renovation now, but it was very hot and there's no clime.

    evelyn, yes, internet shopping seems to yield some good deals, too.

    starman, true. I went for 2 nights only, so a hotel was pretty much my only option.


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