Saturday, September 24, 2011

Le Palais du Luxembourg

This is one corner of the Luxembourg palace, once the residence of Marie de Médicis, wife of King Henri IV and regent for her son, King Louis XIII. It was built in the first half of the seventeenth century. The park I've been showing you pictures of was the palace garden, a very private place in its time. The gardens are a public park now, and the French Senate meets inside the palace.

The southwest wing of the Palais du Luxembourg seen from the across the bassin.

The two round towers you see in the background are the bell towers of the church of Saint-Sulpice. When I first lived in Paris in 1981, the place I lived was just a couple of blocks from this church and the beautiful square and fountain in front of it. For some reason I didn't wander up there on this walk, so no photos. But it's well worth a visit if you're in town.


  1. Thanks for the continuing tour down your memory lane. It's a bit of a shame to think that it's rather unlikely that I shall ever see these places. There is so much to see and so little time to fit everything in.

  2. Yes, it was me saying that I had toured the Palais du Luxembourg last weekend during the Journees de Patrimoine. I love this garden and everything around it. Also got some pics of 'your' giant mole :) at Sully, thanks for the heads up on that. Their bookstore is another of my favorite places.

    Thanks for the strolls and the great photos.


  3. Is there anyone still alive over there ? is yes ...that was a great house to live

  4. Walt

    I clicked on the pic to have a better look at the Palais. The first storey ( which I believe the French call étage noble) has more intricate details as compared to the ground and second floors.

    I guess the public is not allowed to visit ( even when the sénateurs are not sitting) except for the journées du Patrimoine.

  5. I didn't realize Saint-Sulpice was so close to the Luxembourg.

  6. lesley, glad you're enjoying it!

    bettyann, that's great that you got to see it.
    bali, no more kings!

    judy, :)

    tb, according to their website, the public can attend session of the senate, and there is a guided tour of the palace on the first Saturday of each month, and you have to make a reservation for that.

    starman, very close!


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